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Time for some quiet time??

So in the last few months what have I achieved?

  • Create and update new web site (still have some minor work left to do).
  • Update the control with all new features.
  • Wrote a new article discussing all the changes, you can view it here.

So while I already have an idea for the next version I am going to take some time off and let the users download and comment on what is out there. As always I appreciate the input from everyone getting a chance to use and review it.

For now I am going to shift away to another project that I have been playing with off and on for awhile now. For those of you who enjoy doodling or scribbling you may find this one interesting.

It is a doodle/scribble pad written in HTML5 and javascript. For now I am calling it DooScrib and you can check it out here.

As with jqAlert I plan to publish all the source and will even write a few articles for it. I actually have a couple of different versions planned for the next few months.

Ok so I am not really going to be away 100%; I will come back from time to time plus I still have some updates to the web site that need to be made.

For now enjoy as I return to regular scheduled programming.

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jqAlert got it’s start from an article that I wrote for CodeProject over a year ago.

So it only seemed fitting that these latest round of improvements be documented with an upgraded article there. When I originally wrote the first article over a year ago I really enjoyed the writing aspect of the article and had no idea that I would receive as much input as I have since it being published. They have a great set of articles on their site and I would recommend anyone to use for reference.

If you have a great passion for what you are doing hopefully you also will write an article and get it published there.

I have just finished writing the article and have submitted it to them for publication. In the next day or two I will update with a link to the article.



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Code is done, documentation is done and all the changes have been uploaded.

Well everything is complete (almost) and all the updates can now be downloaded. I encourage everyone to check it all out and see all the new changes. I will probably let the dust settle on this before coming back with another round but do not let my delays from preventing your input and requests.

A lot of the changes done were based on requests and ideas from others out there like you.

This weekend the plan is to write another article for Code Project. Since that is where this whole project really got its start I felt it best to return to them again. Besides I really like their format and enjoy writing articles for them.

Enough of my talking…   Go check it out click here.

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Documentation, Documentation…

It honestly feels like I was just talking about documentation. Oh wait it was just last month that I completed the first round of documentation.

Code is all complete and I have done all of the testing needed before updating the site and releasing everything. The task of updating documentation is now all that remains. I have goals of finishing before the weekend so that I have some time to relax as well as work on an article for it.

I am sure like other programmers the coding gets done a lot faster and with far more excitement than the user documentation. Though I have learned over the years that the greatest code in the world means nothing without documentation to help back it up.

What I really need right now is to control those self created interruptions of the social shuffle (twitterfacebook, etc).

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The changes are coming, the changes are coming!!!

I have completed the set of upgrades I had planned (plus a few extras) and am currently in the process of testing them all and making the needed corrections. I hope to have everything tested this week and will then proceed with updating the user documentation.

I also have a few planned updates for the jqAlert site.

Once the site updates are complete I plan to write another article documenting it’s use and hoping to once again spread the word. I really appreciate all the input I have received over the last year and I am really excited to hear from the community again over the next year.

For now please continue to stay tuned.