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A time to be thankful…

Ok so with the first round of user documentation finally complete I was able to get to work on the list of updates I have been putting together. Some of them are modifications of requests from users and others are features that I have wanted to do for awhile.

Needless to say I am once again having a lot of ‘fun’ and sleepless nights again because of it all. The code keeps running through my mind and for sake of a happy marriage it’s probably best that I don’t have a computer or laptop in the bedroom.

I have my list of new features as well as a long list of new features from the messages I have received from you all. Guaranteed everyones request is being implemented in some form or fashion.

We are getting ready to spend the Thanksgiving weekend with family and I hope that everyone out enjoys the time they have with their family.

Keep following because in the coming weeks I plan to complete the release of the next version of jqAlert as a Holiday present.

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Finally first round is complete.

Ok so I am a few days late (a week+ if you are counting) in getting the user documentation completed. Or at least having the first draft of it complete.

Go check it out here.

With this complete I can now begin moving on to the development of upgraded features. I already had a list before starting the documentation but have since added to it. For you developers out there I am sure you have always looked at your old work and thought…

“What was I thinking when I wrote that?”

Well I think while writing the documentation moments like that were happening with each feature. I was tempted to start making changes and overhauling the code but I knew discipline was needed in completing this first version.

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Almost there…

Ok so I have to admit I was hoping to have the jqAlert up and finished before the end of this weekend.

I keep thinking to myself though “what about this?” and “what about that?” So I add a little more here and then a little more there. I am confident though that all that remains for the short term is the user documentation. I have plans for an FAQ section as well as a comment forum but I am thinking I will let the site grow a bit more before adding those.

For now the focus is on completing user documentation and then I am really excited to add several new features.

Thanks and if you want to offer any helpful words of motivation you can reach me here.